Mardo Tashi Choling Temple Maintenance Fund

New! Temple Reconstruction Update

The main construction for the new temple is now complete. We hope to have some pictures soon so stay tuned...

The temple represents the heart of the monastery’s current activities and its future.

The temple is the main gathering place and center of all dharma activity for both the monks and householders in the monastery.

During the stage of unrest in Tibet, the original temple was destroyed. Then, in the 1970’s it was rebuilt. However, because of a lack of funds, it was made with very poor quality materials and design, and was too small for large ceremonies.

Some years ago after Khentrul Rinpoche became the abbot, the roof was replaced. With great effort Khentrul Rinpoche and the monks acquired the funding through extensive begging and then did the work themselves. They carried all the roofing tiles on their backs and built it without any machinery or help. Because of the cheap material and lack of professional help, the roof leaked which made it impossible to protect the shrine and has contributed to quick structural decay.

Ceiling DamageView more photos of the old templeWhen H.H. Moksa Rinpoche visited some years ago, he looked up at the sagging ceiling and said “I am afraid to teach in here because the roof looks like it is going to collapse on me.” There are running jokes about the temple from visitors that being inside and looking up is like being under a bridge that is old and rotting. Basically, it is no longer a safe building and must be rebuilt.