Eight Verses for Training the Mind

with Khentrul Rinpoche

Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling, Junction City, California

December 11 - 13, 2010

Eight Verses for Training the Mind
By Geshe Langri Tangpa

Composed by the Buddhist Master, Langri Tangpa (1054-1123), Eight Verses for Training the Mind is a highly-revered text from the Mahayana Lojong (mind training) tradition. These instructions offer essential practices for cultivating the awakening mind of compassion, wisdom and love. These verses reveal special advice on transforming all life’s difficulties into valuable opportunities for spiritual development. HH the Dalai Lama refers to this work as one of the main sources of his own inspiration and includes it in his daily meditations.

As we practice these lojong teachings in daily life, we train the mind to embrace reality in a completely wholesome, wise and compassionate way. These excellent practices help us purify our negativity and awaken the heart by giving us a way to transform adversity, conflict, and hardship into a direct opportunity for spiritual growth.

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