Empowerment: Kusum Choga, the Ceremony of the Three Kayas

with H.H. Katog Getse Rinpoche

Katog Rit'hrod, Katog Mountain Retreat Center, Arkansas

October 10 - 11, 2010

Morning:  Empowerment from H.H. Getse Rinpoche on a Guru Rinpoche practice, Kusum Choga, the Ceremony of the Three Kayas.

Afternoon:  Teaching by Khentrul Rinpoche on the meaning of the practice. 

The empowerment, practice and teachings collectively called “The Ceremony of the Three Kayas” is on Dharmakaya Samantabhadra, Sambhogakaya Vajrasattva, and Nirmanakaya Padma Jungnay.  *Attendance of the empowerment in the morning required in order to attend these teachings.

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