Khentrul Rinpoche invites us to receive the rare and precious transmissions of the Nyingtik Yabzhi and the Nyingtik Tsapö   These essential empowerments ripen our mindstream, enabling us to pursue the main Dzogchen practices.

Nyingtik Yabzhi

* Excerpt from Dzogchen Rinpoche’s Great Perfection: Outer and Inner Preliminaries

Longchenpa These innermost, quintessential teachings of Dzogchen were brought to Tibet by Vimalamitra and Padmasambhava and concealed as treasure (terma) for future generations. They were later revealed by Dangma Lhungyal and Pema Ledrel Tsel, respectively. The Nyingtik (Heart Essence) teachings of Vimalamitra, became known as the Vima Nyingtik (Heart Essence of Vimalamitra). Those of Padmasambhava were renowned as the Padma or Khandro Nyingtik (Heart Essence of the Dakinis).

These two root scriptural collections served as the basis for later developments of Nyingtik traditions, as well as for the subsequent composition of two sets of commentarial literature by the great Dzogchen master Longchen Rabjam — Longchenpa. His commentaries on the Vima Nyingtik became known as the Lama Yangtik (Guru’s Quintessence), while those on the Khandro Nyingtik are referred to as the Khandro Yangtik (Quintessence of the Dakinis). The two root and two clarifying collections are collectively known as the Nyingtik Yabzhi (The Four-fold Heart Essence). The Vima Nyingtik and Khandro Nyingtik are known as the "mother" Nyingtik texts and the Lama Yangtik and Khandro Yangtik are known as "child" texts, hence another common name for the collection is the Four Mother and Child Sections of Nyingtik. Longchen Rabjam also composed the Zabmo Yangtik, which condenses the important pith instructions of both Vima Nyingtik and Khandro Nyingtik. Hence this is typically also included as part of the Nyingtik Yabzhi. Through the transmission of this collection, the Dzogchen pith instructions are revealed completely.

Nyingtik Tsapö

Longchenpa Jigme Lingpa's Nyingtik Tsapö contains numerous treatises, sadhanas, and prayers that deal primarily with tantric practice, in particular, the stages of development, completion and Dzogchen. Its three volumes are a collection of all main texts, commentaries, essential prayers, sadhanas and tsoks of Jigme Lingpa’s Longchen Nyingtik terma cycle.

An embodiment of two important masters, Vimalamitra and King Trisong Deutson, Jigme Lingpa combined Tibet's two primary dzogchen lineages - the Vima Nyingtik and the Khandro Nyingtik. The Longchen Nyingtik terma cycle is a considered a condensation of these profound teachings.